2016 Scholarship Winners

Congratulations to our 2016 Scholarship Winners

Jenna Tingum

Archbishop McCarthy High

Alejandra de la Cova

Archbishop McCarthy High

Sabrina Hamid Khan

Cooper City High

Guo Qian

Cypress Bay High

Annika Ramnath

Cypress Bay High

Meha Agrawal

Flanagan High

Gabriella Vidal Calixto

Fort Lauderdale High

Lina Maria Munoz

McFatter Technical High

Lucas James

North Broward Prep School

Daniel Chiarelli

Nova High

Jennifer Kudja

Somerset Academy High

Isabella Arias

Somerset Academy High

Bryn Tolchinsky

The University School of Nova

Alexa Miller

West Broward High

Matthew Mellies

Western High

BCGC Scholarship Award Winner Testimonials

 Angel Thomas, BCGC William F. Reed Memorial Scholarship Receipent in 2005:

"Growing up a Gator and cheering for the football team is one thing, but attending the University as a student is a whole new world that takes some time getting used to. It's an adjustment that I was able to make with my Broward County Gator Club scholarship. It empowered me to concentrate on my studies and start my college career off on the right path; instead of being frazzled and having that one other little thing to worry about...money. It is very rewarding that I now sit on the BCGC Board, and help to give Baby Gators that same foundation in Gainesville that the Broward County Gator Club gave to me.”