2011 BCGC Scholarship Winners!!!!

Ruben Socarras on April 18, 2011


The Broward County Gator Club would like to thank all of the students who submitted scholarship applications this year and would like to congratulate the 2011 scholarship recipients. All of the applicants were very qualified and each of the selected few below are going to make the Gator Nation proud.  We encourage you to be active leaders in UF Student Government, the Student Alumni Association, other student organizations, and the UF Alumni Association after you graduate.  Congratulations!! We are very proud of your achievements...WELCOME TO THE GATOR NATION!!

  1. Maya Iyyani, Flanagan High School
  2. Timothy Gonzalez, Flanagan High School
  3. Daniel Kleinman, Cooper City High School
  4. Samantha Kufrin Cooper City High School
  5. Aaron Klein, M. Stoneman Douglas High School  
  6. Benjamin Gajus, M. Stoneman Douglas High School
  7. Patricia Alvarenga, Western High School
  8. Jillian Justo, Western High School
  9. Yourisha J. Wims, Dillard High School
  10. Gorana Gonzalez, Stranahan High School
  11. Danielle L. Cooke, Nova High School
  12. Carol Movschowitz, Monarch High School
  13. Mihailo Zivkovic, American Heritage High School
  14. Laura Sandoval, Cypress Bay High School
  15. Caitlan Arrigo, St. Thomas High School